Cracking The Coding Interview: Study Group Details

Cracking The Coding Interview

Details for the Cracking The Coding Interview study group. Sign up to get an invite to our discord if you’re joining our group.

Anyone is welcome to join, participate or just listen.

What? A group of developers are reading Cracking The Coding Interview together in a weekly study group. We’ll be meeting on Zoom to complete Algorithm problems from CTCI and discussing the book.

When: Every Sunday from 2:00PM Pacific Time / 5:00PM Eastern Time to 3:00PM Pacific Time / 6:00PM Eastern.

Where: Zoom link

Schedule: (Last updated: August 30th, 2022)

Calender invite: Click here to get a calender invite to our meetings.

Meeting length: 1 hour.

Format for each meeting: First 15-20 minutes of each meeting will be spent discussing the content. The next 40-45 minutes of the meeting will involve working on a coding problem from the book. Code problem: TBA

September 11th, 2022. Read before meeting: Pages 1 to 38. Group discussion topic: Interview prep, the interview process. Code problem: HackerRank problem.

September 18th, 2022. Read before meeting: Page 38 to Page 86.

Group discussion: Big-O notation and job offers.

Code probem: HackerRank Problem.

September 25th, 2022. Read before meeting: Chapter 1.

Group discussion: Arrays and Strings.

Code problem: Chapter 1 problems.

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