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Are you learning JavaScript in 2020? Or are you a JavaScript developer who wants to level up his or her skills?

Edit: the book club reached 1,000 members in a day (and growing) and in addition to the club, we’re now hosting community events that are free and open to developers of all experience levels. Join the discord below or follow our Twitter account to attend an event.

Starting January 19th, I’m hosting an online JavaScript book club that is free and open for all to attend. We will be reading the free You Don’t Know JS series. We’ll be kicking off the club with reading the first book in the series: Get Started. We will always meet online (on Zoom) so you can join from anywhere in the world.

So… why should you join?

Whether you’re already working as a JavaScript developer or a beginner to JS, you’re probably working on leveling up your understanding of JS. Instead of doing this alone, we’ll meet weekly and learn together as we read You Don’t Know JS, a free book series by Kyle Simpson that is considered one of the best resources on JS.

Here are the next steps if you’re interested in joining the club:

  1. Join our email list to get your invitation to the club by email, and to get updates on future books or community events.
  2. Vote for what time you’d like the club to meet at. The club will meet on Sundays but the time chosen will be based on attendees availability. Once you join the discord, you’ll find the pinned poll to vote on a time.
  3. Introduce yourself in the discord, and start reading chapter 1.
  4. Remember that you don’t need to attend every meeting! Just make it when you can.

If you’re still thinking of joining but would like more details, here’s some more info on the book club.

If there’s one thing I learned in the last three years as I went from beginner to working as a JavaScript developer, it is that having a better understanding of the foundations of JS is helpful—no matter what experience level you’re at.

By doing this on our calls, we’ll grow as JavaScript developers—-together. :) Our meetings will happen every other Sunday, and never go over 1 hour. We’ll meet live on Zoom, where we can talk to each other via video and break up into smaller groups from there. This club will be a place to learn with each other and ask the “stupid” questions—even though there is no such thing. :)

There is no obligation to attend the book club every week. If you can’t make it one week, simply catch up on reading and join us the next week. I’ve also added a doc with more details on the club.

If you have any questions, comment below in the comments section or head to our Discord and ask us there.

I look forward to seeing you in the club!

Photo credit: Photo in this post (as well as the amazing free books) are all by Kyle Simpson.

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