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Not Caring What People Think Is A Superpower

My notes from Not Caring What People Think Is A Superpower by Ed Latimore.

Some limits are real. Some limits are imagined.

You won’t know the difference until you try to push past them.

The problem with excuses isn’t in giving them to other people. The problem is when you start believing your own excuses.

We want to be perceived a certain way by others so we mute the things about ourselves that make us incredible.

Societal pressure is the invisible force crushing the greatest out everyone that succumbs to it.

Embrace your individuality.

Groupthink makes people do crazy things that they’d never commit if they were alone.

Carefully select the people you spend the most time with. They influence you more than you think

Discipline is freedom.

The only way to live free is to remain disciplined in the pursuit of a superior life.

Self-discipline & self-control will determine the quality of your life more than anything else.

Never tolerate disrespect. The mind is so powerful it might convince you that you deserve it since you did nothing to stop it.

The most underrated talent is the ability to work your ass off.

It’s valuable because few people do it.

Learn to be grateful when something doesn’t come easily to you. It forces you to learn the value of hard work.

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