CodeBookClub: Details, Dates And How To Join A Meeting

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Alright, lets get to it… What is the CodeBookClub? Who are we?

We are developers of all experience levels learning together. We hold live online meetups on Zoom, a video conference software. We pair program, hold group coding sessions, and read/discuss tutorials, courses and technical books together. Take a look at this quick video I made about the club.

If you’d like to join for the first time or find details on a particular meeting:

  1. Join our email list to get your invitation to the club by email, and to get updates on future books or community events.
  2. Read the #welcome channel before posting, and make sure you post in the relevant channel. If the link is not working for whatever reason, email me and let me know or follow me on Twitter where I’ll be posting new links.
  3. Introduce yourself in the discord.
  4. Remember that you don’t need to attend every meeting or event in the club! Just make it when you can.

Group Coding Sessions.

Anyone is welcome to join, participate or just listen.

Calender invite: Click here to get a calender invite to our meetings.

What: For 30 minutes, we tackle a problem in the Exercism JavaScript coding track. Once per month for those who want to focus on more data structure and algorithm questions, we will instead complete a problem from Hackerrank’s interview prep.

When: Every Sunday from 2:00PM Pacific Time / 5:00PM Eastern Time to 3:00PM Pacific Time / 6:00PM Eastern.


Schedule: (Last updated: January 30th, 2022)

Problem sets here.

Our community

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The CodeBookClub is a club for new and intermediate developers. We host live events such as a bi-monthly book club meeting and group programming. Sign up to become a member of the club and learn with us.